Working and living abroad isn’t impossible, all it takes is willingness and dedication to pursue your dreams. That’s why Top Language Jobs has put together some moving abroad advice to help make moving abroad to work feel more like what’s possible. Read on to find out how you can make your journey to living and working abroad just that bit easier.

1. Visit the location you wish to move to beforehand

Before moving abroad to work, (if possible) try to visit your desired country first before making the big leap. Consider this visit as a test run and the opportunity to gain a better feeling for the local amenities, culture, community and area you’ll be moving into. Whilst you can learn a lot about a country and a specific area online, visiting will provide you with a clearer perspective.

2. Find the perfect job, best suited to your skills

Moving abroad to work needn’t be complicated. You can quickly find and compare similar jobs in your desired country with help from Top Language Jobs. Using this website, you can scope out what companies in the job market are looking for skill-wise and what they’re willing to pay for your profession. You can filter your results by job type (whether that’s full-time, part-time or contracted), by date posted, distance, language and ease of application too! 

3. Negotiate your relocation packages

A relocation package is what a company offers an employee who is expected to be working and living abroad. The relocation package covers the move-associated costs, as well as additional benefits to make taking the job more attractive. For families, an attractive relocation package will include school expenses, flight expenses, language lessons and health care.

Do not confuse a relocation package with a relocation plan, a relocation plan is essentially a checklist that a person needs to carry out to ensure their relocation is successful. A relocation plan details who needs to complete certain tasks, the timeframe in which they should be carried out and a strict budget.

Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you fully understand everything that’s entailed in your relocation package. Understanding what is and isn’t covered by your new company will help you to budget for your life in a new country.

4. Learn the language

This might be obvious moving abroad advice, but it’s important to at least learn the basics of the native language. Unless you have a grasp of the language already, it’s going to be tough but well worth the effort. Although you will pick up phrases on the go, putting time aside to improve your language skills will show that you’re wanting to fit in. By accepting the language of a new country and culture, you’re likely to make friends and get along better with the locals. Moving abroad to work is fun but more fun when you fully immerse yourself in your new surroundings.

5. Understand the local rules and laws

Moving abroad to work comes with a lot of responsibility, as a new country means new rules and laws. So if you’re going anywhere outside of the EU, do your research. It might be the case that people’s usual attire and public behaviour is different from what you’re used to back home. Always be aware of your hand gestures too, in some countries like Iran for example, a thumbs up is like putting your middle finger up. 

6. Join expat forums

No one will understand you better than someone who is also moving abroad to work. Sign up to some expat forums and speak to those in a similar position to you who will be moving and living abroad too. People in these forums are likely to be in all kinds of stages of the process, which means whatever moving abroad advice you’re looking for, you can guarantee that another expat will be able to answer your questions about moving abroad to work. It may even be the case that you make friends with people in your new location and they might want to socialise after you’ve settled in. 

7. Remember, settling in takes time

Moving to work abroad will certainly uproot your life, so you have to be accepting of all the new changes, but remember this will take time. A new job is more than enough change for some, so a new home, new country and a new language can be particularly overwhelming. You might experience a culture shock but break down your wants and desires into an achievable list. Start by exploring the local area, have a look around and scout out the nearest supermarkets, pharmacies, leisure centers, etc. Next, get to know your job and colleagues a little better, say yes to office parties or trips out. Each week, learn a new phrase in the native language. By the time you know it, you’ll feel comfortable in your new home and job, and will be able to pick up on the local lingo! 

8. Immerse yourself into the local community

Moving abroad to work means you will be working and living abroad, so don’t just sit at home after the working day – explore big cities and visit touristy spots – don’t miss out on the excitement of a new country. The more you embrace, the more you will learn and the quicker you’ll feel like a true local. 

9. Stay in contact with family and friends back home

Working and living abroad in the early days can sometimes feel lonely but that doesn’t mean that your family and friends back home won’t have time for you. Pick up your phone and organise a video call, your loved ones will be excited to hear from you. With free apps such as FaceTime, Whatsapp Video and Skype, there’s no excuse. Making an effort with those back home can help to ease the pressure of your new journey abroad.

10. Organise an insurance policy 

When moving to work abroad, you will need to organise travel and health insurance. Other countries do not have an NHS which means medical care can be expensive if you have not planned ahead. Think about insurance for your new home, your life insurance policy and how it works in a new country. 

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