While we’re all still facing a level of uncertainty as Covid-19 continues to impact our personal and professional lives, people are still working and businesses are still hiring. For many individuals, career moves may have temporarily been put on hold due to global lockdowns, but as we all adjust to this new normal landscape, now is as good of a time as any to begin looking for a new role. So, what are the signs that it’s time for a career change?

Work feels like a ‘chore’

If going to work (in person or remotely) feels like a chore and no longer fills you with the excitement it used to, it might be time to begin looking for a new opportunity. For many people, a drop in job satisfaction can build over a long time and it might be hard to pinpoint exactly what part of your role you’re not satisfied with. Speak to friends and family who know you best and perhaps consult with a career coach to explore what career choices you have.

You can’t see a long-term career path that suits you

Another key sign that a job move should be on the cards is a lack of future progression opportunities with your current employer. If you look ahead five years and can’t see much changing in your role, it is perhaps worth keeping your options open. And if you have a clear progression path, but the prospect doesn’t inspire you, you might be in the wrong career.

The company culture has changed

It’s no secret that company culture changes. As new hires are welcomed, team members move on and business objectives evolve, the visions and values of the firm will undoubtedly adapt. But while this is a natural part of an organisation’s evolution, it doesn’t always ‘fit’ with everyone. If you find that your company has changed rapidly and no longer holds the values that appealed to you when you first joined, it may be time to seek out a new employer.

Focusing on tasks is becoming a challenge

Do you find it difficult to focus on specific tasks? Is this making you feel unproductive? It’s human nature to be de-motivated if we’re not satisfied with our job or simply don’t feel challenged enough.

While you can certainly speak to your current employer to discuss what more you can do, if you do feel that you’re not getting enough from your role and are struggling to ‘give it your all’, it’s worth exploring any alternative career routes that could get you motivated once again.

Promotions pass you by

Another indicator that it may be time for a career change is getting overlooked for promotions that you know you’re perfect for. If you see others around you gaining the opportunity to progress but you aren’t given a clear idea why you’re not being put forward, there may be better prospects in another company.

There’s no work life balance in your current role

In a more flexible employment environment where remote working is becoming the norm, being able to separate your personal and professional lives is not only crucial for your mental health, but also key to keep you motivated and happy at work.

If striking this balance is proving difficult, explore how other employers are supporting their staff in achieving the right work / life balance. If this doesn’t help you find a new job, at the very least it should serve as supporting information to help improve your current professional set up.

You question leadership decisions

If you find that you disagree with decisions from the senior team but struggle to get your voice heard, a new role is likely to bring you greater opportunities to guide or sway business strategies.

If you’ve been in a role for a while it is common to feel that you’ve become stuck in a bit of a rut and aren’t making the headway you’d hope. If this is the case, your skills and ideas will certainly be welcomed elsewhere, so take a look at alternative career options.

Career move or change?

If any of the above applies to you it’s perhaps safe to say that some form of job move may be needed. And whether this is a change in employer or moving into a new field completely will depend on how much of the above relates to where you work, and how much is decided by the work you do.

If you have no concerns with the employer you work for, it may be time to switch careers and find a completely new role. If that’s the case, consider what transferable skills you have. If you are multilingual, for example, they are a number of fantastic career options that can really open up a whole new world of employment prospects for you.

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