Thinking of learning a foreign language? You might be surprised to hear that being bilingual (or even multilingual) can significantly boost your career prospects, including creating new opportunities and even statistically increasing your salary.

There is always a demand for people who can help bridge the communication gap, more so today than ever before. Healthcare, construction and professional services are just a few of the many industries that heavily rely on multilingual working.

If you haven’t yet thought about learning a new language, then we definitely recommend starting now. It’s never too late, and a foreign language CV is a great way to stand out!

In this guide, we have detailed some of the fantastic benefits of learning a new language for your career.

Stand Out From Other Candidates

Standing out from the crowd is one of the most important things you can do to support yourself in your career, and having the ability to speak multiple languages fluently is a fun and rewarding way of doing so!

When applying for new job roles, bringing your CV to life is a great way of showcasing your personality. Having the ability to speak multiple foreign languages and having language skills on your CV not only shows that you are willing to learn but also that you are a fantastic communicator.

Proficiency in any of a number of languages sets you apart. Many organisations are looking for bilingual individuals, and you’ll often find that knowledge of a second or multiple languages is an essential or desirable attribute. 

Create New Job Opportunities

Being fluent in a foreign language opens a candidate up to new opportunities that aren’t available to monolingual candidates.

With companies expanding in today’s world more than ever before, the need for bilingual employees has never been more prevalent. Foreign language skills can often increase your global employment options, which includes the possibility of travelling internationally for a job, allowing you to see the world while working.

According to The Language Educator, 90 per cent of employers say that they rely on their workforce to have language skills other than English. Of this group, 56 per cent felt their foreign language needs have increased over the last five years and will only continue to do so. 

Ability to Build Relationships

The ability to fluently speak to different cultural groups can be a massive advantage in any industry. As an example, if you are employed at an agency with clients that are foreign speakers, having the confidence to speak in their own language during meetings can break down more barriers and allow them to feel more comfortable.

In a business environment, speaking a client’s native language can build, elevate and solidify a positive working relationship, alongside bridging any communication gaps that may form.

Appeals to Global Companies

Having experience with different cultures offers a much higher level of appeal to global companies. 

Now more than ever, businesses require managers who can travel overseas and lead new business opportunities by establishing new territories in foreign countries. With the world more remote than ever before, companies are also enjoying the benefit of hiring global candidates to widen and expand their company culture.

Ability to Achieve a Higher Salary

Bilingual employees are in high demand, which also means they come with a higher price tag in comparison to monolingual candidates. 

In fact, fluently speaking a foreign language can add an average of 10% to your annual salary – meaning that taking the time to learn a new language is a small price to pay for a huge financial benefit!

Looking for your next role?

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