If you are looking for a job during the Coronavirus outbreak, you may be reluctant to continue your search. Companies are still adjusting while employees are quarantined into a makeshift home-office. These are uncertain times, but business must go on and roles still need to be filled.

In this article we cover 6 key things you can do to assist your job search during this time and become better prepared for the job market when things are back to normal.

Touch Up Your CV

How long has it been since you really examined your CV with a fine-toothed comb? Is it up to date and relavent? Have you been using the same template for years? Are some sections too wordy and need to be tightened up?

Your CV is essentially your one way ticket to an interview. It is what recruiters look at first to decide whether or not you qualify for the next stage of the hiring process.

During this time, take an hour to focus on your CV and give it the care it needs. It may turn out to be more worthwhile than watching another episode of that show on Netflix.

And if you’re stumped on where to start, we’ve created a step by step guide on how to create a winning CV to land your dream job

Keep applying for jobs

Right now is not the time to stop applying for jobs. In fact, it is good time to keep sending in applications. Here’s why:

  • Employers have not stopped hiring. There are still roles that need to be filled even though your start date may be pushed back or you will have to work from home.
  • There is less competition than before. Fewer people are looking to change jobs during this time meaning you will have less competition when applying for a job you want.
  • There is an increase in remote jobs. With many countries on lockdown, some companies are having to run 100% remotely. You will see a big increase in opportunities that require you to work from home. If you have skills in the digital sector or are accustomed to working remotely, this may be a good time for you.

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Learn New Skills Through Online Courses

Being stuck at home all day can become mundane. Why not take this time to sharpen up your existing skills or even learn something completely new? Can you think of any area in your trade that you can improve upon or any skill you could add to your repertoire that will give you the chance to advance your career?

Online courses are an amazing tool for learning new skills at your own pace. Best of all, you can take many great online courses free of charge!

Here are a few great places to develop your skills:

Learn a New Language

Of course, the skill that will make you the most employable is the ability to speak another language. Learning a new language takes immense focus and time but can create a powerful impact on your career and your life in general.

Today, some of the most in demand languages in terms of number of jobs available are German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

These are some of the best apps available for learning a new language:

Update Your Linkedin Profile

In today’s digital world, recruiters will often look you up on professional media sites like Linkedin to get a better idea of who you are. Right now would be a great time to review your profile and give it a few updates. Add any new skills you’ve acquired, update your interests, maybe even snap a new photo for your profile picture.

Attend Events Remotely

In person meetings, events, and interviews may be canceled during this isolation period, but remote events are still happening and are a great alternative. In fact, many of the companies we work with are switching to remote interviews for the duration of this outbreak.

Virtual recruitment events are an excellent approach to finding a new career whether you are in quarantine or not. They give you the chance to speak with recruiters directly and schedule interviews in the same day.

We hold many virtual recruitment events throughout the year, for a wide range of languages, sectors and locations. You can learn more about our virtual events here (more to be announced soon): https://fairs.toplanguagejobs.com/category/events-virtual/

The truth is, this Coronavirus outbreak may have us held up indoors for many weeks. Look at this as an opportunity to improve yourself and your skills so that you will be more employable when things settle down. You may even land a new job from the comfort of your own home!


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