In our recent blog we highlighted that Czechia is one of the most active destinations for language jobs at the moment. But what are the trends driving this and why should you look for your next language job in the Czech Republic both now and once borders reopen?

Opportunities are rife

Aside from the fact that the location topped our list of countries with the most language vacancies at the moment, foreign language programmes in Czechia have long been a popular part of employee benefits packages. In fact, before the location went into lockdown earlier this year, PwC reported that language courses were one of the most popular benefits offered by Czech companies.

The data from PwC revealed that by the end of last year, a staggering 95% of businesses in the country had contributed to the cost of language courses for their staff, with English and German most popular.

This has in turn increased the demand for language experts to deliver this training. And while Covid-19 has certainly impacted this temporarily, with an increasing number of firms in the Czech Republic preferring employees to speak English it’s highly likely that this need for foreign language professionals will only continue to grow.

Remote working in the Czech Republic

Of course, due to the on-going spread of Coronavirus, travel restrictions are in place in the Czech Republic. The destination closed its border to tourists on 22nd October, with plans to review this at the start of November. Essential travel was, however, still granted and some employment opportunities are classed in this category (though it is advisable to check with your recruitment agency or potential employer before you commit to travelling).

These restrictions are likely to continue to change as the world battles the spread of the virus. But that doesn’t mean that international employment opportunities are completely out of the question.

For those seeking language jobs in the Czech Republic, for example, there are ‘work from home’ or remote visas available. The requirements you will need to meet to be granted these visas vary and your employer or recruiter will be able to point you in the right direction. But the fact remains that there are still job opportunities overseas, even if you’re unable to travel to an office space.

Language jobs in the Czech Republic: visiting in the future

We are certainly facing continued upheaval as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it’s not permanent and there will come a time when job seekers can once again travel with ease for work. For experts seeking a new language job, the Czech Republic is a destination that can certainly provide a wealth of experiences.

Here are just a few reasons why travelling to Czechia for work in the future is a must:

  • It’s home to over 2,000 castles: If you’d like to visit historical sites the Czech Republic is certainly a destination that won’t disappoint. Not only does it boast some of the oldest castles in the world, but Prague is also the home of the largest complex around the globe.
  • The central location makes travel easier: For anyone looking to travel across Europe once Covid restrictions are lifted, the Czech Republic is a good place to base yourself. The location is a transport hub to some of Europe’s most popular destinations, with cities such as Vienna, Berlin and Krakow just a few hours away.
  • You can visit the ‘Bohemian Paradise’: Located in the north of the Czech Republic, this natural reserve is certainly a site to visit when you can. With sandstone rock labyrinths, several hiking trails, and the country’s largest underground lake located in the Bozkov Dolomite Caves, the Bohemian Paradise has a lot to offer.
  • Beers and breweries: Czechia has a history of beer brewing, in fact it produced the world’s first pilsner. Every year Prague hosts a 17-day Czech Beer Festival that attracts people from around the world – an event that’s worth attending once it’s back up and running again.
  • Access to international companies: Given the country’s central European location, many international businesses have headquarters in the capital and other major cities including Skoda and Avast. These companies are increasingly in need of bilingual experts, creating many job opportunities for language experts in the Czech Republic.

Find your next language job in the Czech Republic

There’s no doubt that Czechia presents a number of employment opportunities for foreign language speakers. While we wait for borders to reopen once again, businesses are still seeking experts to support international growth and language education, albeit in a remote capacity.

We have a wealth of jobs in the Czech Republic, from Business Analyst, Junior Accountant, IT Support, Financial Reporting and many more. Whether you’re fluent in French, English, German or any other foreign language, we have an opportunity for you. Check out our Czech Republic jobs today.

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