So, you’ve decided it’s time for a new job. You’ve tidied up your CV, honed your online profile and spent time looking at jobs that appeal to you. And that’s when you start to ask more questions. In particular, how do you know if a role is right for you?

It may all sound great on paper – the job description ticks all the boxes and you know you fit the criteria. But how can you tell if it will be the right move for you? And how do you know if you’ll enjoy it?

Here are five top tips to help you make a decision

1. What are the company’s values and do they match with your preferences?

One of the biggest influencers of happiness in a new job is driven by the company culture. While the interview stage will give you a much clearer insight into the business and the people you would be working with, it is possible to gauge some of this information in advance. In some instances, the way the job advert itself is written will provide an idea of the company. If not, many businesses will have a careers page online that could give an indication of what it’s like to work at the organisation. And with an increasing number of employers using social media channels such as Facebook to share videos and images of life at the business, it is worth taking a look at these online. Of course, in a remote working world, there will be some limitations as to what you can learn about a business – it’s unlikely that you’ll have access to many recent images and videos of teams socialising or in the office, for example. But you should still be able to get an idea of the company and if you would enjoy working there by looking at how the firm has adapted during the recent difficult times.

2. How different is it to your current role?

It may feel more comfortable to go with a new job that sounds familiar. However, if you’re already looking for a new opportunity, it is highly likely that you are not entirely happy with some element of your work. Take a look at the position you’re applying for and consider what is different. If nothing stands out, it may be worth continuing your search. However, if certain elements vary – and sound appealing to you – then it may be your perfect role.

3. Will it support your career progression?

In a similar vein, ask yourself if this role will support your career development – whether that’s adding an extra skill to your resume, the opportunity to hone your language skills or even learn a new dialect. If a position gives you access to fantastic training opportunities that push you to achieve more, it could be a great job move. And if it’s not clear at first what career progression is on offer, take a look at current members of staff. How long have they been with the business and how has their role changed?

4. Does it provide the lifestyle balance you are looking for?

While flexible working is currently the new normal, you want to know that any job move will provide the work life balance that you’re looking for on a longer-term basis. Look into how flexible the role is currently and dig deeper to find out how this differs to the way the company allowed staff to work before the pandemic. How the firm supported its people during difficult times and the support it provided to  staff will also provide a key insight into whether or not it is a company that you would enjoy working with.

5. Is it a brand you’d be proud to say you work for?

If you’re already acquainted with the business, ask yourself if you’d be happy to tell the world you work there. Being proud to say you work for a firm is a clear sign that a role could be for you. And if you haven’t heard of the company before, ask yourself the same question once you’ve had chance to carry out some research. If everything you read about the company makes it sound like a great place to work, it’s certainly worth exploring it further.

How to know if a job is right for you

It’s natural to query if a move is right for you, particularly in uncertain times or if you have a job where you’re surrounded by colleagues you get along with particularly well. However, making a career move can open up exciting opportunities for your professional development that will certainly be worth it in the end. If you are dubious, though, being able to work through the above will help reassure you if the job is right for you.

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