Over the past number of years, the industry of bilingual customer support services has grown in importance within the competitive business environment. Bilingual customer service helps to increase the number of satisfied customers and a bilingual service can also aid in growing the business. 

These days, businesses want a seamless way in which they communicate with their customers. Needless to say, for every company, customers are vital, so it’s important to pay heed to the provision of bilingual customer support to retain as well as gain customers. 

When a helpdesk offers plenty of support to customers it ensures optimum customer satisfaction. In turn, this helps to drive increased value the way of a company. Nevertheless, a further factor that can impact business performance is the quality of the interactions the customer support team has with customers. 

Here, we discuss various ways how seamless bilingual customer support can be offered. But, to begin with, let’s consider why bilingual customer service is so important. 

Bilingual Customer Support – What is It?

Bilingual customer support entails the customer care team providing customers with support in English as well as a foreign language. The agents may also have duties such as answering phone calls, reporting to management, resolving customer issues, translating documents, and more. 

As for the foreign language, the majority of bilingual customer service teams use Spanish. This is because, over the prior number of years, there’s been a rapid growth in the number of Spanish speakers, particularly in the U.S. 

Why is Bilingual Customer Care Important?

For the most part, consumers interact with businesses via customer care services. It therefore makes sense to offer improved customer support by having a bilingual service available. 

We’ve listed a handful of benefits below that a company can take advantage of by using a bilingual customer support team.

Personalised Service

When there’s bilingual customer support, a company can provide answers to customer inquiries in the customer’s own language. This helps to overcome language barriers while customers are more at ease throughout the conversation. 

Strengthens An Existing Customer Base

Having bilingual support means that customer stress on account of a language barrier is eliminated. Customers can be more confident about the services that a company offers because their queries will be answered and any problems they have will be resolved. 

Minimal Abandon Rates

Because you’re better able to provide customers with more personalised assistance through a bilingual customer service, customers will feel less frustration as they can fully engage with the company. This, in turn, helps to reduce customer abandonment rates. 

Increases Brand Loyalty

When customers enjoy a positive experience with the company, the chances are better that they will utilise the services again. Customer loyalty is also improved and there’s more chance that current customers will recommend the company to family and friends. 

How Can the Quality of a Bilingual Customer Service be Improved?

Below, we’ve listed some useful tips about how you can improve on a company’s current multi-channel support services. 

  • Listen closely to what is being said

When attempting to resolve customer issues, being a good listener is key. 

  • Offer guidelines rather than a script

When customers get in touch with the company with a query or an issue, they fully expect to receive a customised service. When scripts are used by the customer services team the message can come across as being too stiff and uncaring. To solve customers’ unique problems, a creative support team is the best way forward. 

  • Professional, yet friendly

Agents must always be friendly to customers, and yet, agents must also maintain a high level of professionalism. When customer agents are friendly, it helps to develop a rapport with customers. So the best way is to aim to strike the perfect balance between maintaining professionalism and being friendly. 

  • Ensure agents have the right tools

The majority of companies now use advanced CRM software to provide quality customer service. This software helps agents to identify individual customer needs. Agents can view a client’s data via the software and by doing so can then provide a more personalised solution. 

  • Assess loopholes

A company might want to hire specialists so that the quality of calls can be assessed but to ensure quality, a company may wish to pretend that they’re a customer and assess the customer service agents this way. Furthermore, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can be used to evaluate and assess the standard of agents. In fact, this process should be conducted regularly. 

  • Training

The quality of a customer care team can be greatly improved with training. Agents are not going to know everything. So it makes sense to hire an industry specialist to improve the knowledge and skills that agents possess. Specialists will teach communication skills, good customer approach, and so forth. 

  • Prevent future problems 

Improving the buying experience of customers means that a company must already have a good understanding of their needs. Keep track of common customer problems. Once a company understands the drawbacks it can work to improve things and therefore avoid the same problems occurring in the future. 

  • Be true to clients

Remain true to clients and make sure the company provides the services that have been promised. It’s wise to remember that a solid industry reputation is obtained through commitment and sincerity. 

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