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Back in January, we ran a survey on the benefits of speaking a second language. Results showed that people who speak a second language have a valuable advantage in the current climate. However, they are not often aware of the language jobs available to them across Europe.

For instance, a large percentage of respondents said that they’d be keen on relocating for work, if they knew that they don’t necessarily have to speak the local language. In addition, they responded that they would be even keener on taking a big move, if they knew that expats can significantly improve their work / life balance, earn better wages, and work in family friendly environments.

Now the good news is that companies are currently heavily advertising their multilingual vacancies through a number of channels. Currently, German, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian jobs, are very popular, but there are vacancies available in all European languages. In other words, there are plenty of language opportunities out there for those who are looking for Bilingual / Multilingual jobs.

10 Top Language Jobs you can get

Customer Service, Call Centre

People working as Customer Service representatives operate with customers by providing product and service information. They deal with queries and help resolving problems.

Blue-chip companies are currently hiring for their European hubs. they are catering for support services in various locations in the UK (London, Manchester, Glasgow…), as well as throughout Europe. The main European hubs for Customer Service jobs include: London, Dublin, Prague, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Sofia, Berlin, Malta, Barcelona…

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IT, Information Technology

IT and Technology is one of the hottest sectors in 2019. International businesses are lacking workforce, and struggling to recruit enough candidates to work on global projects. Therefore, the sector is globally booming, and languages are in need in a vast array of locations and industry specifications.

Due to its strong career development opportunities and high competition for the hottest profiles available in the market (for both technical and language skills), it tends to get harder for companies to retain good candidates. As a result, salaries are top shelving and opportunities are more than ever growing. In short, the IT / Information Technology sector is a path where you can both professionally and financially evolve at a fast pace.

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Telecommunications technicians are generally responsible for the overall upkeep of an organisation’s telecommunications systems. Moreover, in Global companies they often need to support several markets, therefore languages are a valuable skill in the Telecommunications sector.

Note that Telecommunications is a wide field that offers individuals to pursue jobs such as: Network Systems Analyst, Data Communication Analyst, Technical Manager, Electronic Engineer…

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Sales language jobs

All companies need sales, it’s the sinews of war. Sales professionals with language skills have an advantage in this industry as they are able to work across different markets. Facilitating exchanges with clients by knowing the local language and culture is considered a plus.

As a result, there are countless sales jobs available for Bilingual / Multilingual candidates. Those positions often go with significant benefits, such as high commissions, incentives, bonus…

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Translating, Interpreting

Translating / Interpreting is the obvious sector for language speakers. Firstly, although interpreters and translators typically need at least a bachelor’s degree, the most important requirement is that they be fluent in at least two languages.

Secondly, if you decide to start a career in Translating / Interpreting, you’ll need to: Get the right education and qualifications, gain experience, join a local or national professional translation / interpretation society, choose an area of activity, choose an area of specialisation. You’ll also need to get people to know you and get to know people, be quick and effective, and most importantly, be professional.

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The Internet sector is full of opportunities for those who are young, or don’t mind taking a bit of a challenging turn.

If that sounds appealing, a career in the Internet sector usually implies: career diversity, financial rewards, geographic freedom, good opportunities for advancement, and the use of your languages in a vibrant environment.

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Administration language jobs

Administrative Assistant duties and responsibilities include providing administrative support to managers and employees, to ensure efficient operation of the office. With the globalisation of businesses, this support often needs to be operated in various languages.

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Marketing / Adverting

A career in marketing is diverse, enjoyable and fun. However, in order to efficiently market a product or a service, a good knowledge of your audience’s culture is a must have. Similarly, you will need the ability to communicate with this audience. Hence why, Bilingual / Multilingual profiles are very much sought after in the marketing sector.

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Graduate language jobs

No matter what their field of specialisation is, graduates have the ideal profile for top language jobs.

If you are a graduate and want to kick start an exciting career abroad, check out Top Language Jobs. Getting a job abroad is the opportunity for you to discover new horizons while developing your career path.

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Banking, Finance

Jobs in Banking and Financial services range from customer service, financial advisers and analyst positions. The banking and financial services field is large with many opportunities for growth.

Companies are heavily recruiting for their shared service centres all over Europe.

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